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What sort of training do your guides have?

All guides have at minimum a current Standard First Aid & CPR certification (with many of our guides possessing higher or additional levels of First Aid certifications such as Wilderness First Aid). Guides on the Sunwapta River are also required to have at minimum Level 1 Swiftwater Rescue Training (with many guides possessing higher levels of Swiftwater Rescue Training).\n\nAdditionally, at the beginning of their employment with us, guides must complete roughly two weeks of training with the company. Before being able to guide trips solo (without a Certified Guide in the raft with them), for each river section that we run, guides must then pass a written and practical exam. Upon passing, guides will then become certified through the Jasper National Park Professional River Outfitters’ Association, allowing them to commercially guide the sections of river on which they have passed their exams.\n\n Finally, our guides must also complete an Interpretive Knowledge course through the Interpretive Guides' Association. During this, our guides learn about local and First Nations' history and culture, as well as local flora, fauna, and geology.

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