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Is there a minimum/maximum age?

Maximum age? No. Minimum age? Yes.\n\n For the Athabasca Mile 5, the minimum age is5 years old. For the Athabasca Falls, the minimum age is6 years old. From many years of experience, we have found that for children younger than 5 years old, the chances of them having an enjoyable experience on Class II water are too low for us to offer it as an option. This is for their enjoyment, and the enjoyment of other guests that may be on your raft. The child certainly doesn’t want to be scared for an hour, and other guests certainly don’t want to hear them crying and/or screaming for an hour.\n\nFor the Sunwapta River, there is a minimum age of12 years old(and a minimum weight of 90lbs/41kgs). This minimum age/weight is enforced mainly for safety reasons. Because of the larger rapids, more paddle power is needed in the raft to successfully navigate the Sunwapta River, and children weighing less than 90lbs have a greater chance of being bounced out of the raft.

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